Maximize Your Profitability with Our Catering Software


To run a better catering company, you need to see what’s working

With TPP’s online catering software, we’ve made it easy to understand your whole operation.

  • Generate reports that will give you the bird’s-eye look.
  • Food costing tools let you dive into the nitty gritty details
  • Check your calendar for what events are upcoming

Set tasks as a recipe for better profits

TPP doesn’t just help you see what your catering company is doing well. It helps you set tasks to follow up on improving your operations. Better tracking and better tools make the perfect mix for managing a more profitable company.

  • Set tasks with priorities
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools
  • Access your events anytime from our mobile companion app

TPP Software Features

Our features streamline operations and drive profit.

On-The-Fly Accessibility

Access your events anytime and anywhere.


Use our CRM to grow your customer relationships.


Get a bird's eye view and a nitty gritty look at the details that keep operations running smoothly.


You make unforgettable events for your customers. Your calendar reminds you of what's ahead.


Let TPP take the hard work out of streamlining your operations and prioritizing your tasks.


Accurate food costing controls your catering business's profitability. TPP can handle that too!


An appetizer of sorts


Additional options are available.


A meal fit for king & queen

150/Month - 2 Users

Additional options are available

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