A Little Love for the Anti-Valentine

So the countdown is on for all those madly in love at the beginning of 2015! Only a few days left and counting. And only 4 days until we’re past what may be known as the most torturous holiday of the year for singles. Valentine’s Day may be the money maker of all Hallmark Holidays for those in love, but there’s another catering customer that shouldn’t be forgotten on this holiday of hearts – the Anti-Valentine. Single’s and Anti-Valentine’s Day catered parties are becoming almost as popular as Valentine’s Day itself. Here are a few ideas to appeal to the Blue Valentines.

Single Ladies Dinner
Play a little Beyoncé and gather all the single ladies (All the single ladies!). Offering a singles dinner option can capture a different audience and give you a chance to shake things up in the kitchen. Instead of adorable love-themed dinner items for two, you can brainstorm some ideas for a group of single gals who enjoy the free bird side of life.

vodka soaked skewers

Vodka Soaked Skewers from The Kitchn

Single Ladies Dinner Menu:
Girl-Power Salad
Vodka Soaked Singles Skewers (Fruits or Veggies)
Free Bird Nests (Grilled chicken in crispy potato string baskets)
Toasting the Single Life (Champagne Cocktails)
Let’s Mix and Mingle Drinks (Mixed Drinks)
Rolling in (Cookie) Dough Pops (Every girls favorite, bite sized cookie dough bites)

Stupid Cupid Party
For every person who’s happy as a clam being single there’s someone else who is a little bitter about their status on Valentine’s Day. So on the flip side of those celebrating the single life, we suggest a Stupid Cupid dinner menu for those who are a little upset with the arrow shooting cherub. Everyone deserves a good dinner on Valentine’s Day.


 Shot Through the Heart Meatballs from SheKnows.com

Stupid Cupid Party Menu:
Shot through the Heart Meatballs
Single’s Mac & Cheese (Single Serve Ramekins)
Don’t Wanna Taco ‘Bout It (Tacos)
My Bloody Valentine (Bloody Mary Cocktail)
Medium Sliced Prime Rib Bites
Broken Heart Cookies

Whether you’re heating things up in the kitchen for a couple or a group of singles, Valentine’s Day cooking gives you the opportunity to innovate.  Get a little creative and Happy Valentine’s Day!