6 Ways To Get More Catering Bookings Today!

Hey Catering Business owners! My name is John Cohen – Founder of TPP and I’m here with Shannon Albright from our Sales Team.

If you’re looking for ways to increase catering sales, we want to share 6 quick ideas with you right now to help get more catering bookings!

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6 Ways to Increase Catering Bookings:

  1. Exhibiting at Wedding Shows and Expos. Wedding shows give you a chance to meet with clients and really sell yourself as a person, not just a business. It’s also a chance to set yourself apart from other caterers–what can you do that is unique or trend-setting? Think outside of the box and choose a variety of shows, don’t just focus on the big shows. Sometimes the smaller, boutique shows draw a more qualified client and allow you more time to talk to them
  2. Use your catering network! The catering and events community is tight-knit group, and these folks have got each other’s backs! Venues, planners, and other caterers could be a great referral source. Also check out user forums on FaceBook like ICA Roundtable and Caterbuzz!
  3. Don’t shy away from price conversation! If a prospect is asking about price, don’t dodge the question, or try to build out their entire menu before giving them a price range. This will only frustrate your prospects and waste time if they can’t afford your services. If the situation is right, it’s also a good opportunity to upsell them on some of the menu options!
  4. Create partnerships With Venues! Many people start with the venue first so start finding and building those relationships to get the immediate referrals. It’s always great to get a warm introduction to the venue management so look for a friend or colleague who can help you. We also love the book Giftology by John Ruhlin for some creative ways to send something that leaves an impression!
  5. Probably the most obvious and underutilized is Social Media. Social media is an amazing tool for anyone in the events industry, and it’s FREE! Sharing pictures of table settings, food stations, venues—really anything event-focused—is going to be a huge draw for anyone planning an event. 
  6. You do you! It’s your time to shine and separate yourself from the pack. We all know that people buy from people they like and trust. You may have done 1,00 weddings but it’s their first so keep up that enthusiasm! 

Growing up in catering, my parents used a lot of these techniques. Now granted, Social Media didn’t exist in the 70’s but something as impactful as being a preferred caterer at a venue had a huge boost in sales! 

Using a catering CRM like TPPsales, in addition to catering software, can help you organize and manage your NEW sales leads and deals in progress. 

Hubspot has reported that CRM’s can lead to increased sales by up to 30% and decrease your sales cycle by more 15%.

As a Recap! :

Exhibit at those wedding shows!

Build a network!

Don’t be afraid to talk price!

Get introduced to those vendors to become a preferred vendor!

Continue adding to your Social Media presence!

You do you!

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