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A real history in catering

Family Ties

Our story starts in Buffalo, New York, many years ago.


There, a young boy named John Cohen helped out the family catering business. John saw all the preparation that went into making an event absolutely perfect. Hundreds of details had to be remembered . . . but, at the end of the night, the applause made all that hard work worth it.

John grew up and earned his degree in engineering and computer programming. In 1994, John decided to blend his education with his catering background to create a simple software program that would help his parents manage their events. He presented “the program” to his parents as a Christmas gift later that year.

John continued to change the event planning software as the needs of his parents’ business changed, and his family became very dependent on the catering business software. What began as a gift to save Mom and Dad some time quickly turned into an organizational and reporting tool that they couldn’t survive without.

total party planner history snaps

In March of 1997, Computica, Inc. was born, and their flagship product was named Total Party Planner. The catering software was taken out to beta test. The product was well received, and in 1998, after finalizing the banquet catering software, the first copy of Total Party Planner was sold to Dickie King of King’s Korner Catering in Richmond, Virginia.

Today, the catering program continues to benefit from the ideas of our ever-growing client base. Customer satisfaction is not just a buzzword here – it’s a genuine concern. We take pride in offering a solid, well-rounded software for catering. We continually seek and rely on customer feedback in order to make our online catering software the best it can be.

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