Total Party Planner’s Newest Team Member

John Cohen | June 8, 2011

The Total Party Planner team is thrilled to have Emily Powers join our Customer Service & Support team!

We first came across Emily while visiting a local Verizon store. Emily was assigned as our support rep in our quest to upgrade our USB modem equipment from 3G to 4G. Needless to say, her expertise and service was stellar. I was so completely impressed by her professionalism and sincerity in helping us that afternoon. Even the follow-up after the transaction was great.

After a brief discussion with Susan, we decided to reach out to Emily to see if there was any interest in joining the TPP team. We were pleased to hear that she was willing to discuss a new career opportunity. While interviewing with us, it was clear that outstanding customer service is a great passion of Emily. After her “homerun” interview, we wasted no time in making her an offer!

While not at work, Emily enjoys participating in musical theater and spending time with family. We are all looking forward to seeing her on the stage for her next production!

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