Total Party Planner Catering Software Hosts Educational Webinar

John Cohen | October 7, 2010

(10/7/2010) Total Party Planner recently hosted a free online webinar with culinary expert Denise Vivaldo.  The “How to Sell Your Catering and Events” virtual event produced a large turnout of caterer’s interested in hearing Denise’s marketing and sales tips stemming from her 20+ years of experience in the industry.

Denise cheerfully led us through her presentation of twenty five do-it-yourself sales and marketing tips, all the while sharing personal stories from her many years of hard work in the catering industry.   Many of her tips consisted of how to get into the local media spotlight, as well as joining local organizations like the chamber of commerce, or becoming a guest speaker at local colleges or business groups.  We concluded the webinar with a great and answer session where Denise fielded individual questions from the audience.

Here at Total Party Planner, we have received excellent feedback from those in attendance and will host more events like this in the future.  We were thrilled with the opportunity to provide a valuable experience for our clients and others in the industry, one that everyone could take something away from to apply in their own company.

Denise Vivaldo is the founder of Food Fanatics, a catering, recipe-development, and food-styling firm based in Los Angeles, California. She is a product consultant, spokesperson, teacher, featured guest, culinary producer, and author of numerous books, including How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business featuring Total Party Planner.

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