News Release – Catering Software Translates into Big Gains in Time and Profits

John Cohen | June 7, 2010

(6/7/2010) Richmond, VA – If you’ve ever doubted how far technology and automation have brought catering in the last couple of decades, consider these statistics:

95% of users of the catering software Total Party Planner saved an average of 8 hours in their work week—that’s a whole work day!
80% of small businesses polled said that the transparency of being able to manage their P&L for each event down to individual menu items has literally saved them and gotten them through these tough economic times, as clients cut back on events.

Steve Binks of Tiddledybinks in Niagra Falls, NY, said he “up-sold more than 200 thousand dollars in event revenues because the software we are using is so easy that it allows us to focus on the customer—not the computer screen … [TPP is] a big part of our success.”

In other words, by automating client proposals, kitchen lists, and invoices, software is helping catering and hospitality professionals keep a better eye on their bottom line—and still have more time to build more personal relationships and events with their clients.

To be even more business friendly, TPP has just announced their partnership with the email marketing tool Constant Contact, making it even easier to stay in touch with current, past and potential clients, so you are always first on your clients’ mind, catering to their every need.

Catering software like Total Party Planner is enabling caterers, restaurant and hotel managers, night club owners, event planners, schools, and anyone who works in hospitality and food to do more for their clients in less time, while keeping better track of their profit margins on contracts, menus, or even individual menu items.

What makes TPP stand out is that their software is all inclusive—you pay a flat fee and get all the features. No paying extra for the really good stuff! And it’s the only catering software that’s accessible by mobile phone (including iPhones), meaning you can use it on the go to check details or close new events.

And they stay on the cutting edge. They use a state-of-the-art SAS 70 data center. They have the highest data encryption to ensure the security of all of your most personal client and business information. They are constantly making improvements (which are included in your purchase with no extra fee!), including interfacing with Constant Contact and QuickBooks Online. Upcoming upgrades include credit card processing and shopping carts.

TPP is made even easier to use with the free education they constantly offer for all clients, starting before you even purchase the software. There are free live demos with your free 30-day trial. “If you’re not using the software fully or at all, then you’re not going to see the amazing returns our other clients are getting. TPP is built for your catering success, and we’re here to support you being successful. If you’re not supported, we’re not doing our job,” says John Cohen Director of Operations.

They are so dedicated to the success and education of their clients that they will be hosting a series of upcoming webinars with industry professionals. Keep checking for more details, as they become available.

Total Party Planner is the total catering software package. Lisa Puteska with The City Catering Company sums up her experience this way:

Total Party Planner has been an indispensable tool for our business. We have been using your system since 2004 and in that time our business has doubled. This would not have been possible without TPP. Aside from the obvious uses as an interface between us and our clients, it has also aided us in menu planning, event planning and has been a terrific staffing tool. TPP has definitely helped us to become more organized and ensured that our team all has the same useful information … the coolest thing has been the ongoing and constant updates that you regularly make to your system. I have been so impressed with “your concern for my concerns”. It is clear to me that you guys have a ton of integrity and really care that you are putting out the best catering software product out there. And you are!

Software does seem to be the tool of choice for successful, busy hospitality workers and caterers, perhaps due in large part to its easy-to-track ROI and the high level of organization it brings to events. Having the right software that matches your business seamlessly saves time, saves money, and lets you focus on the important details instead of chasing paperwork.

For more information on how catering software that’s built for your catering success can make a profitable difference in your business, please visit or contact Total Party Planner at (866) 868-7526. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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