TPP Desktop : Version 9.1 Released

John Cohen | December 15, 2008

The Total Party Planner desktop development team is pleased to announce the release of its version 9.1 upgrade.

A brief summary of highlighted features in this upgrade include:

  • Option to add menu items to an event for internal use only (excluded from proposal and invoice)
  • Beverage and rental tax schemes dropped to item level (supports separating alcoholic and non-alcoholic tax rates)
  • Event menu, beverage, rental, and misc notes separated into 2 separate proposal and internal notes
  • Deselect items from a package before adding to event
  • Remove rental re-calculate confirmed message when changing status of event to confirmed
  • Enter a discount reason note
  • Pack list inventory associated to beverages – i.e., cups to sodas
  • Bulk update event beverages
  • Contacts associated to clients now included when printing mailing labels
  • Allow user to select auto-backup location
  • Easier editing (edit, delete) of event beverages, rentals, misc, and staffing
  • Option to hide misc quantities on proposal
  • Show miscellaneous description when adding to event
  • Include event title on outlook export

For more features released in the desktop version, please visit:

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